To be or not to be true to yourself,
The choice is simply your mental health.
Close your eyes, so you may see,
Choose a direction, a way to succeed.

Seek your truth, your place to be,
Then determine it be your destiny.
Paint a picture, then step right in,
Trust yourself completely, then begin.

Remind yourself that life is short,
And your happiness can't be bought.
Take the first step, don't hesitate,
Know that your journey cannot wait.

Do this each day from this day on,
Knowing that you are where you belong.
Make each day better than the last.
Then confine yesterday to the past.

Forgive yourself if you somehow stray,
But never doubt that you know the way.
It takes courage at first to reject,
What others are saying they expect.

But no-one can see the things that you see,
For you are unique, one and only, so just be.
And remember that busyness is a state of mind,
The only thing in life you own is your time.

Geoff Mooney