Why do we put one foot in front of the other when we don't know where we are going.
Why do we expect to reap when we haven't given the time and effort required in sowing.
Why don't we think about the meaning or meaningless of our lives in the context of truth,
Why don't we acknowledge the extent of our ignorance rather than believe without proof.

Why is the magic of life not recognised for what it really is,
Why is that we exist in a way that is so merely a means to live.
Why do we not recognise that all we have been afforded is time.
Why do we not see that most of what we do each day is sublime.

Why do think that happiness is something based upon having,
Why do we not understand that happiness is all about giving.
Why don't we simply simplify our thoughts, our days, our lives,
Why don't we see that this simple philosophy will allow us to thrive.

Geoff Mooney