Too Much


We’re sorry that we love you too much,
It’s a heavy burden to bear.
it stifles, demands and holds you too tight
when you desperately strive to dare.

We’re sorry that we love you too much,
but we want you to understand,
what you’ve meant to us over the years
that we’ve shared as you’ve grown to a man.

Your birth was a blessing to two people lost
in a time of uncertainty.
Your growth fueled ours to such an extent
that you gave us reason to be.

Though we’ve hit the odd bump on the road
that has brought us here today,
the journey’s been worth every turn we’ve taken,
and we’d do it all over again.

We hesitate to say we’re proud,
because it just doesn’t seem to say,
that you’ve actually become the man we see now
in spite of us in a way.

You are strong, you are good, you are ready to be
whatever it is you choose.
Carpe Diem, suck that marrow,
and you will never lose.

So, we’re sorry that we love you too much,
that it’s been so hard to let you go.
But now is the hour, go forth our son
and assuredly reap what you sow.   

Happy 18th birthday Michael - from Mum and Dad ... July 29, 1995.

Geoff Mooney