Do you ever stop to think about your greatest gift? From the moment you are born the most precious thing you have, and probably all you have, is time. From that point it’s about days, hours, minutes and seconds. And every one counts. It’s basically all we’ve got, yet people today constantly complain about its lack. We have come to believe that we are “time poor”. Think about how people lived, say, 50 years ago, when I was young... For a start they didn’t think of themselves as time poor. Their lives were simple, and that was the key.

If they worked on the land, their days were long – but satisfying.  If they worked in the city, they worked to live rather the other way around. The 40 hour week was a reality and there was no pressure from employers for employees to contribute any extra. Family life was important. Happiness was important. And people trusted one another.

Much has unfortunately changed. People who today feel anxious about their time allocation need to understand the following.

  1. Multitasking is detrimental to time management. Strive to work on one project at a time, or as near as you can.
  2. You need to prioritise your tasks and goals. Ones that enhance your psychological and mental wellbeing must be on top your list. People you love and those that love you should be a priority.
  3. You should try to plan each day, leaving time for yourself – “me time”.
  4. Learn to say “no”. If you don’t, you will end up taking on everyone else’s responsibilities. Remember that setting your boundaries defines your time.
  5. Remember that “achievement” is ultimately about creating inner peace

If you want to get more done each day, slow down. And don’t stress if you don’t get around to everything on your to-do list. Anxiety is the enemy of achievement.  And try not ever again use the excuse that you “didn’t (or don’t) have time” because it’s the only thing you do have. The most important moment in your life is NOW.

Geoff Mooney