Thinking Big

"I peered into the meaning of life and found it was empty - All I had and all I was the universe had lent me". - CFL

I am reminded of the story of the American man who fell overboard from a cruise liner and drifted in the seas for 36 hours. Unbelievably be was rescued. He was later interviewed on a US television program where he was asked the simple question "did you think you were a goner" "Of course", he answered. "So what went through your mind" the interviewer asked. "Well", he said", for the first 24 yours I just thought about all the things in my life that I would miss, things from my past, my regrets, etc. But the last 8 hours were different, and quite an epiphany. I realised that 90% of what I thought about every day, worried about, and feared in my life were irrelevant. I started to see the big picture, that I was but a very small, even insignificant, part of it. It was humiliating but inspiring".

Most of us consume our time focussing on the "small stuff". Most of us see the world as revolving around ourselves. We constantly worry and stress over things we can't control. And most of us avoid thinking about the "big stuff" like our immortality, perception and reality, the importance of mindfulness, the impact of negativity, the reason for our very existance, and sustainability. Often that is the reason we commit ourselves to being busy. We need to develop a sense of acceptance, humility, perspective and an understanding of fear, along with an attitude of positivity. Overthinking makes your judgments get cloudy and your stress gets elevated. When you spend too much time in the negative it can become difficult to act. Remember, every opportunity is a new beginning, a place to start again. The past doesn't matter, and the future is beyond your control. Remember that there is no such thing as security. Life is one big adventure.

"We are but a grain of sand on an endless beach in a universe called infinity". - CFL

Geoff Mooney