Another World's Son


When you were small and I was tall, it was you who stood the taller,

It was another life, another world, back when I was the smaller.

Now we have grown, the years have flown, and finally a correction,

So much that we missed is now found, as we make this new connection.


When you were small, and I was smaller, I somehow failed to foresee,

The man you would become, an intelligent and beautiful human being.

You I admire, and you inspire me to be the man I always hoped to be,

Nature rejoices in your bountiful gifts, and the music plays before you.


In another world, there is a word, that applied to me, it is “father”,

But I’m sure you wished you’d had a “dad”, or even better rather

A “mate” to play, and listen every day to the struggles of days yore,

I’m here now son, at seventy-one, and you such a mature forty-four.