A Night in Rookwood Cemetary


In 1969 I was attending full-time uni studying Economics (YUK!!), playing football, and taking out a girl named Glenda, who was 17 at the time. Glenda was and still is renown for her HUGE breasts. I didn't have a car at the time, just a 100cc motorcyclye that would ultimately be involved in an accident the following year, an accoident that changed my life.

I would take out Glenda using my Mum's car, a green and white Hillman Hunter. At the end of these dates we would go "parking" and have sex. This was normally on a Saturday night. On Sunday mornings in those years Mum would drive her car to church at Beverly Hills, and used to give a lift to a few of the younger Smith children from down the road. By the time Mum got to the church Mum would notice a "funny" smell in the car. Anne Smith was always blamed for losing control of her bladder. Poor Anne.

Anyway, Glenda lived at Homebush, not far from Rookwood Cemetary. It was the ideal location for a late-night "park". One Saturday night we were there in Mum's car, naked, and in the back seat doing what came naturally. Suddenly there was a noise, a voice, from outside the vehicle. Then a "bang" against the side of the car. Startled we both sat up and peered out the windows. Slowly arising from beneath the car was a face, covered in dirt and blood, looking back at us. I nearly had a heart attack. It was clearly someone who had risen from the grave. Then the face called out "help me". Glenda screamed.

Turned out it was a young male who had been taken to the cemetary by other males, beaten and left for dead. We clothed in record time and reluctantly agreed to drive this man to the Strathfield police station. Glenda and I sat in the front and the mystery man sat in the back. For the entire journey I drove with just one hand, readying the other for his inevitable attack. Glenda just sobbed - loudly.

The police took our statements and that's we last we ever heard of the man. Very funny now, but so scary at the time. And it's all true.

Geoff Mooney.