K & I

(The butterfly has landed)


A butterfly sat upon the grass where all the green was gone,

Spread its wings to fly away, said “Ill be back another day”.

That day was endless and it had left my love life barren,

Until, unexpectedly, and wonderfully, I met a lady named Karen.

For years I had fruitlessly searched above for that butterfly of love,

And came to believe that I would never again conceive the feeling.

But you came into my world and the colour returned, life began anew,

Fate did provide, the loneliness died, and the colour of life was you.

My beautiful lady, thinking of you daily brings tears to my eyes,

Tears of joy, of deep love, affection, devotion and reflection.

And a special kind of sadness because we cannot be together,

At least not at this time, as you are not mine, but never think never.

You are beautiful, charming, intelligent, soulful and warming,

We have a spiritual connection so strong it's almost daunting.

You are everything I had for so long dreamed and yearned.

You have created the space for love, the butterfly has returned.

And for that I will forever thank the stars that have aligned,

The sliding doors and serendipity of life, that made you mine..

It's now a matter of patience, belief, connection, love and trust,

Of honouring the magic of the love into which we've been thrust.

Happy birthday my beautiful K, I'll be thinking of you on the day,

And thanking the universe that you've made it to age sixty-three.

Please be in my life, though not as my wife, for as long as we live.

I promise to be true, always love you, and take much less than I give.

The butterfly of love now rests upon my shoulder,

It returned to me as I've grown, as I've grown older.

I long for you day, night and the time in between,

And rejoice in the fact that our love is forever green.

Love, Geoff.