They say that when you "assume" you make an "ass" out of "u" and "me",
That presupposition is simply the arrogance of the self-indulgent free.
That conjecture is the folly of fools forever blind to what others need,
That there is only one world, theirs, a very small world indeed.

Narcissists make the most dangerous of all assumptions, that they matter,
They move through life without a sense of self or soul, mainly the latter.
They can simply be harmless, or self-destructive, or full of malice,
Seeing but vacant eyes and minds, and hate where love exists, alas.

We can choose to feel sorry for them, but inevitably the crave to control,
Power is all as they attempt to destroy anyone in their way with great vitroil.
Their personalities and souls left before they were formed to any great length,
Something else developed instead, a compensation, which they used as their strength.

Geoff Mooney