Hole In My Heart


There’s a hole in my heart where the rain gets in;
An empty space where love has been.
I need it filled so that I may give
Myself again, and so live
A life that’s full of meaning and hope,
Where I do much more than merely cope.

There’s a hole in my heart where the pain gets in,
Like a wounded bird with just one wing.
I need it filled and I’ve made a start
In finding you it’s healed in part.
Whether we together can find the sky
Time will tell us, as it passes by.

But I need to tell you I believe in fate,
And you are more now my perfect mate
Than at any time in my turbulent life,
And more than anyone I ever called wife.
There’s a hole in my heart that is healing fast,
If we can conjure the faith, this might just last.

Geoff Mooney