Life is energy as energy is life,
And I’ve lacked both for quite a while.
The more I feel defeated,
The more it is depleted,
And the less inclined I am to simply smile.

To find my life, my truth, myself,
To live as God intended this individual to do.
In tune with the real me,
And not what others see,
Is to have infinite energy, and to walk with you.

Life is energy and it’s what I crave,
To embrace each waking moment in pure delight.
To live a life that’s me,
Within the life that’s we,
One special day at a time, as others only might.

So take this hand my love, my sweet,
And we’ll dance that dance forever and a day.
We’ll set each other free,
We’ll let each other be,
And our energy will shine to show the way.

We’ll light the way for others too,
Our journey will not be lost on lost souls looking to grow.
We’ll set them free,
So they can finally be,

Geoff Mooney