My Christmas Wish


All I wanted for Christmas was a Christmas kiss,

The bliss of another's pressed against my lips.

It's been so, so long since I was last so blessed,

The longing increases each years that it's missed.


My dreams are simple, kisses and world peace,

So little to ask, well maybe all wars could cease.

The chance of a Christmas kiss, passionate and long,

is probably less likely now I have just wine and song.

I even considered the ultimate change, turning gay,

But a friend assured me that this would be no gain.

Oh to be young again - not aged, alone and poor.

When my Christmas wishes were not so ignored.

Like when I was twelve and got a Lone Ranger gun,

Exactly what I told Santa I wanted, best present bar none.

Maybe it was when I stopped believing in Santa – not long ago,

Was when my Christmas wishes became nothing but woe.

So, this year I visited a store Santa in Lonnie, a lovely man,

And told him the story of my Christmas wish, and my plan.

I sat on his knee, whispered in his ear, and maybe you've guessed

He winced in pain as he kissed me lovingly and wished me the best.

Geoff Mooney