Kate's Birthday Poem To Me (2003)


Well, yes now you’re 53,
But you shouldn’t be ashamed to be.
You’re hard on yourself about the quality of work you demand,
Therefore everything you do is of the highest standard.
You should be proud of what you’ve achieved,
And now you’re sharing with the world what you believe.
You’ve always been in touch with your emotions and spoken from the heart,
You’ve taught me to express my truth and that’s given me a great start.
You’re an intelligent man in all forms of the word,
And your wise morals and values are destined to be heard.
And now you’ve fallen in love and having a laugh,
Have no regrets for you had to learn about yourself before finding this path.
And now you say your destiny is beginning,
Good luck Dad, and enjoy being a winner.
I’m so proud of you Dad, and happy you’ve found love for yourself,
Love and destiny in your life is of great wealth.
So be proud of yourself and how far you’ve come,
And enjoy the next stage, there are great things to come.
So stand on your day with your head held high,
And hear the words “I love you Dad” that I sing to the sky.

Kate Mooney