Fifty Years

50 years

De La Salle Ashfield 50 Year Reunion Photograph - 24 August 2018

Left of St John Baptist De La Salle statute

Back L to R: Chris Roberts, Tony Ficarra (Economics teacher 1968), Barry Murphy, Bruce Shillingford, Brian Tully, Terry Connolly & Brother Peter McIntosh

Middle L to R: Gerard Kenny & Michael Hickey

Front L to R: Derek Wiley, Peter Mayberry & Rory McCrudden

Right of St John Baptist De La Salle statute

Back L to R: Tony Newbury, Brian Neligan, Geoff Mooney, Mark Finnane, Anthony Ziade, John Daus & Bill Phippen

Middle L to R: Steve Lynch, Rod Burke & Steve O’Rourke

Front L to R: Gary Payne, Paul Brunton & Peter Costello


Fifty years, and many, many beers ago, we thought we said goodbye

To the school, to many of our mates, to the boaters and the old school tie.

But here we are, together again, sharing memories of the best years of our lives.

Celebrating a bond forged in very special times, one that has since thrived.

Remembering when The Beatles ruled, The Big O sang, there was no rap,

Life was all song and skittles (no beer) except of course for detention and the strap.

Yes, the dreaded and much-feared strap, with which I became so well aquainted,

The kids of today are denied that pain and the embassament if we fainted.

There’s no putting the Ashy experience behind us, no forgetting despite the decades,

Special years with special guys, guys who are now well-rembered, even the Ziades.

Remembering things past, like the Green Catechism, the Brothers, the bubblers,

Touch footy, real footy, grass, the genius that was Finnane and all the strugglers.

More than fifty years we’ve known each other, longer than our wives,

except for Steve Lynch of course who met Wanita when they were five.

I salute and thank each of you here tonight, without you we couldn't even get started.

And acknowlege those who couldn' make it, especially those who have sadly departed.

It’s a golden anniversary for us tonight fellow 68’ers, something to celebrate,

So raise your glasses (pause) and repeat after me - Ashy, Ashy, Ashy 1968.

Geoff Mooney