Four score and ten, the 20th of May 1919 to the same date in 2009,
That’s ninety years old for those who haven’t scored in some time.
Time lived with love, integrity, wisdom, and a wickedness of spirit,
A typical redhead woman, tough on the outside but soft on the inner.

Sexy and sexual, and beautiful, not just pretty, full of life without fears,
Living her life true to its meaning, counting each day, not just the years.
With a sense of humour that laughed at the trivial most of us see in angst,
A humble understanding that life is a gift for which we ought give thanks.

A very special person is Margaret, one of God’s magnificent creations,
As Allan would often say, more beautiful than even those pink carnations.
Your spirit, your character and generosity we simply hold in loving awe,
We wish you continued good health and happiness for many years more.

Personally, it’s a dream come true to find you as my perfect friend and mother,
And I thank you for your most wonderful daughter; I will never want another.
You are the substitute mother I always imagined, I’m proud to call you ‘mum’,
And I know that you love me, more than just a substitute for your long lost son.

We celebrate your life, and your contribution to ours, for us you are due,
We would be so much diminished if we’d not been privileged to know you.
Happy Birthday gorgeous, smile and know that I love you now as I did then,
From the first time we met forty years ago until now, you at four score and ten.

Geoff Mooney